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Ending the zero-sum game in offshore drilling

December 18, 2020Stormy waters are nothing new for offshore drilling. Boom and bust cycles figure regularly in its long and volatile history. But the convergence of the global pandemic with the acceleration of the energy transition presents a unique challenge…

Monitoring the Permian basin using Earth observations

March 19, 2020The extraordinary boom in US shale is set to continue, with production forecast to top 11 million barrels by 2025. However, the short-term outlook for exploration and production (E&P) activity is looking less certain after January’s 15 percent…

The Future of Construction and Digital Lean

The modern jobsite is in a constant state of refinement and innovation. Even pre-pandemic, the industry was starting to rethink our current methods of development and embrace change. Modular construction, for example, had just started to take off in the…

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